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I hope you enjoy my growing photo gallery reflecting the many wonderful memories and great times we had at the Playroom. Can you believe how many good looking people there were back then? If you have any photo's from the club or related activities, or even a picture of yourself from that era that you would like to add to our galleries, please me . I'd be happy to scan them for you and return them. Also, it's been a long time, so if you can help with the names in some of the photo's I would be most grateful!
NOTICE! PLEASE READ!: If you see a photo of yourself that you do not wish to be here, be a responsible, considerate, mature human being and me and I will remove it. Do not be an asshole, butthead like two of my X friends and threaten me with a lawyer... . (Where have all the decent people gone?)
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These are all taken between 1978 and 1986

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Gallery 2 - NEW !!
Photo's compliments of Lynn Holloway
Some of these are from the Playroom Era, and others are from the BadBoyz Era, 1993 - 1994
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Memorabilia, acknowledgments, awards, pics of OKC celebrities, sponsored contest winners, softball, articles & Gayly ads. (Some from BadBoyz Era - 1993 - 1994)
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